James Krueger | Writer
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THOUGH I am shy and have often been called a quiet mumbler, I have always loved words. The attraction was likely passed along by my parents: my father was an elementary school principal with a Master’s in English, and my mother a second grade teacher. My own school career until college was rather dismal. Despite their frustration with my role as class clown, however, my teachers early on encouraged in me a knack for writing, but it would be my wife, the consummate editor, who would convince me of the merits of proper grammar and spelling. For much of my adult life my writing has been focused on poetry and song lyrics. In recent years, however, I have been moved to take up some of the pressing issues of our day in the more rational and linear form of the essay. Though poems and essays of mine have been published in various periodicals, The Disfiguration of Nature is my first full-length book. It is published by Wipf and Stock in Eugene, OR, and will be released in December 2018.