James Krueger | Songwriter
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I BEGAN writing and performing my own music at age 15, and recorded my first professional demos at 16 with The Institute of Sound (IOS), a great specimen of the high school garage band. My big brother, Tom, was the lead singer, and we (our spouses, mostly) still like to replay the old video tapes of rehearsals in the basement, mostly for the rich material it offers for a good taunt. At age 19, I moved to the big city with a new solo EP to my name and dreams of making it big. I now have six full-length albums, one of which has never been publicly released. Over the years, my aspirations have substantially changed, and some of the material on these albums is as embarrassing as those old video tapes. Nevertheless, music remains a friend of mine, and for what it’s worth you can listen to some of this material and purchase CDs on the Shop page of this site.