James Krueger | Homesteader
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CONCERNED about the social and environmental degradation associated with contemporary American lifestyles, hearing the Gospel call to humility of life, desirous of meaningful labor with palpable rewards, and enjoying a genuine intimacy with nature, Maureen and I are establishing a small farmstead in our beloved Catskill Mountains. Located in Delaware County, New York, and backed by over 2,500 acres of public land preserve, the lovely 12 acres given to our care is shared with deer, turkeys, bobcat, coyotes, and bear. Over the past two years, we have planted over 60 fruit and nut trees, are building a small community house with off-the-grid guest cabins, and are revitalizing old pasture for new ruminants. Though the work has been gargantuan, especially now in the establishment stage, our goals are relatively simple: to grow the bulk of our own food with a small surplus to share with neighbors, friends, and buyers.