James Krueger

What’s Been Said of James Krueger, Singer/Songwriter/Composer:

Extraordinary!  An extraordinarily talented writer with a real talent for poetic imagery.  Impressive poetic lines, beautiful and original.  Remarkable work!

- Judges’ Comments, Great American Song Contest

James’ poetry comes from a connection between the landscapes and the seasons of the northeast.  The emotion and spirit of James’ music is touching.

- Jay Ungar, noted American fiddler, composer and folklorist

Hear Krueger’s crackling guitar and melodious voice awaken the beauty of a mountain.

- Poughkeepsie Journal

James Krueger is capable of surprising depth and control, bringing heartfelt appreciation to songs that celebrate the passing of the seasons and the sound of rain on a windowsill.  But here are songs that probe beneath the surface of seemingly simple topics.  If you’re game and looking for a new artist to champion as he finds his way, then Krueger would be a good choice.

- Rambles: a cultural arts magazine

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll dance a jig if you feel the way I did upon hearing James Krueger’s new CD release, Fine.  This CD is something you’ll put on and won’t take off.  You’ll listen to some songs like “Shot Through” . . . over and over.  He sounds like Phil Ochs with the added warmth of Willie Nelson. . . .  Also look for shades of James Taylor. . . The music and lyrics on Fine reflect a deep, healthy connection with nature.

- Hudson Valley Chronogram

James Krueger has been described as a singer/songwriter.  That label conjures a James Taylor-esque performer – just a singer with his guitar.  But [the CD] Fine is a wonderful blend of Krueger’s delicate voice and a dazzling array of instruments.  The album is smooth and rich like coffee with cream, with each song having unique characteristics.  If you want a solid musical performance that perfectly blends instruments with vocals, Fine would certainly suffice.

- Rambles Magazine